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Sororpreneur Spotlight: Arcia Stokes, Stokes Notes, LLC

During the next several weeks, Rho Gamma Omega will be promoting chapter members who own their own businesses. Highlighted will be a variety of services. These fierce Sororpreneurs are at the top of their game. You are encouraged to explore their services and provide support.

Arcia Stokes has alot to sing about these days. On January 2, 2020, she became a founding owner of Stokes Notes- a company dedicated to voice, piano and music theory lessons. In addition, the company will focus on collaborations with schools and organizations, promoting community involvement in the arts.

"I started this business because I love music, in fact music is my life. I wanted to create a space for children and adults to cultivate their talents and gain the confidence needed to perform." You can connect with us at IG: @stokesnotes_ FB: Stokes Notes, LLC

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