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Wear Orange Day 2020

In recognition of Wear Orange Day, June 5th, the ladies of Rho Gamma Omega chapter wore orange to honor and remember all victims of gun violence and to help raise awareness that our country must do more to reduce gun violence. #WearOrangeDay2020 #AKAatHome #NARatHome #RGOatHome

"I'm wearing orange to raise awareness against senseless gun violence in America. Now more than ever we need to come together to evoke change in the world." Amira Onibudo- Osaigbovo

"I am wearing orange to raise awareness on gun violence, to honor all of the lives that have been lost, and to promote change in America." - Sequoia Richardson

I"'m wearing orange in support of gun violence awareness because I believe this is an issue that we can see an end to in my lifetime. I wear orange for every loved one I have lost to gun violence. Not one more person needs to be lost to a bullet!" -Renee Frazier

"I am wearing orange for gun violence awareness day to promote saving lives of all mankind throughout our global world." -Quiyon Peters

"I am wearing orange because of the countless times my students share stories about the gun violence that has plagued their neighborhoods. I'm wearing orange because of the days in my youth when I had to ear my dinner under the kitchen table because of the gun shots in the park. My kids deserve a normal childhood. That why I'm wearing my orange." -Da'Cheray Ruth

"I am wearing orange today to support the movement of bringing awareness of gun violence to women and men in my community." - Trina Brinkley

"I am wearing orange in remembrance of Hadiyah Pendleton who was shot and killed in Chicago at the tender age of 15 and in honor of all other whose lives were cut short or were wounded as a result of gun violence. I am wearing orange in hope for a future that is free from gun violence." -Recia Howard, Rho Gamma Omega Chapter President

"I wear orange in honor of a formaer student who bravely shared his personal tragedy of losing a loved one to gun violence. NO young person should experience that kind of trauma. We NEED stricter gun laws." -Mecca Lewis

"Today I wear orange, for my loved ones lost to gun violence and to bring awareness." - Nandi Nelson

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