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Sororprenuer Spotlight: Nandi Nelson

It was during her graduate studies, in social work, that Nandi Nelson discovered her passion. While working with autistic children, she developed skills that have assisted families to reach further heights and achieve important milestones. Two and half years ago, Nandi opened Social Behavior Learning Solutions, a company dedicated to providing behavioral interventions for children, families and organizations. "I have always wanted to help, support, and empower families".

As an advocate for autism, she is a sought after speaker and author. Nandi Nelson is an experienced Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She has worked with individuals with varying disabilities,across various age ranges, settings and populations in the US and abroad.

For more information on her company, visit On IG and FB @SocialBehaviorLearning, or call 862-253-3109. New clients are currently being accepted.

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