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Sororprenuer Spotlight: Nikki Nash

For marketing entrepreneur, Nikki Nash, giving up her Boston position became the most sound business decision she could ever make. Not only did it set her free from the perils of being emotionally and physically drained, but it allowed her to explore her creative freedom and passion.

"When my aunt was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and my mom tested positive for having the BRACA - II gene, I decided life was too short to spend it working for someone else's dream. So, I set out to build my own business. Today, I help women build highly profitable businesses from their experiences, expertise, and passions through events, courses, and coaching. My first book, Market Your Genius is being published by @HayHouse and will release in August of 2021. To learn more about my services listen to my podcast @marketyourgenius or head to my website On instagram (and Facebook Page) @nikkinashofficial."

As a chapter member of Rho Gamma Omega, Nikki serves as our Recording Secretary and Technology Co-Chairman.

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